Welcome to Tjub, a revolutionary social media platform committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable online space for everyone. Our mission is to challenge the traditional norms of social media platforms and foster diversity, inclusion, and accountability.

At Tjub, we firmly believe that social media platforms can be vibrant and engaging without compromising user safety. We've made it our priority to mitigate targeted harassment, hate speech, disinformation, and platform manipulation.

Diversity is at the core of our values, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all voices are heard. Women, people of color, disabled individuals, and the LGBTQ+ community play significant roles in shaping the direction of Tjub. We understand the importance of diverse perspectives in building a platform that serves all users, regardless of their background or identity.

We are deeply aware of the gender disparity in the technology industry, and we're actively taking steps to combat it. Our goal is to have at least 40% of our team comprised of women, as we believe a diverse team will help us create a more inclusive platform.

Privacy is paramount at Tjub, and we will never compromise on that. We strictly prohibit the sale of personal data and will have a legally binding agreement with our users to ensure their information remains secure.

Tjub has a zero-tolerance policy for targeted harassment, hate speech, disinformation, and platform manipulation. We actively work to identify and remove single-purpose hate accounts and those spreading disinformation. Toxic trolling and falsehoods have no place on our platform.

To protect our users, we've developed advanced tools, available for free, and we strictly enforce our rules. We do not tolerate attacks based on anyone's characteristics, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. When we permanently suspend a person on Tjub, they will not be allowed to return and cause further disruptions.

We invite you to join us in our mission to create a more inclusive and enjoyable online community. At Tjub, we believe that together, we can build a better social media platform without compromising the essence of what we all love about connecting with others online.